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Sunday, November 14, 2010

POST PMR 2010.,!

eiyt dear,

since I'm in form 3, daa abeh PMR ( waiting for the result on 28/12 this ), my skulaa had prepared a programme for all form 3's stud in order to fill our time.,so that there's no anything bad happen . HAHA :) it had started in beginning of October , on 13th , if I'm not mistaken ;() till 10th of Nov 2010 . there are so many things happen along this time and I really enjoyed it with all my friends . AHAH! 102 stud of BATCH 35 were given chance to learn about what they're going to be in future . here, we were divided into 6 crews , and there were .;0)

  • Programe Planner
  • ICT Crew
  • School Leader
  • Sports Crew
  • Religion Crew
  • Stage Performance
AND ., I;m in ' programme planner crew ! ' It's fun to learn on how to manage an event or ceremony at school next year . I also had given a chance to show my talent in managing a motivate program with my other crew members ., there were so many new things I had learnt . As example , now I know how to make a complete paperwork and buku program. so fun, uh?

:)) to complete our programme , each crew had been given 3 skulaa for each . then , we have to work together prepared a motivate programme for the standard 6 studs of the primary skulaa . the lucky skulaa were
ulaa ., after 4 weeks ' bertungkus-lumus ' for the preparation , then the day comes . on 1st Nov 10 , my crew , VERSUS went to our first skulaa , sk kubang gajah . it seems to be fun at the beginning with the paticipants . we played , do some energizer , get to know each other in group and totally gai exp on how to analyzed '' kids '' . but , at half of my way in the programme , something happen . I received an accidently call from my mom , telling that my tok sedara , Mak Dah had ast away. we have to back to my hometown , Kelantan as soon as possible . It really hard for me to leave the programm , but I need to . Bdw , I actually miss Kelantan so much ! HAHA :)) i said gudbye to all . BUT WAIT ! hoho :0 i knew there were sum stud smiling because they'r losing the fierce fc! ukeh2 .,`~

I called my crews to ask about the programme and every thin is gud =) . oh God , thx!
F . Y . I ,, the programme need to be stopped as flood had visited Perlis . there are 'HOOREYY' words in all crews . its sucking when we have to ' layan kerenah ' all the budaak2 .

then , here coming the CLOSING CEREMONY . and I say , uhh . thx God! we've come to the end . my crew need to present SARAWAK tradition so we chose drama the Legend Of Puteri Santubong and Puteri Sejinjang. Bdw , I'm the Santubong! so fun ,.~ the ceremony held with glamorous . then ., the party comes to the end . we have to say GUDBYE `~ to each other since skulaa pun has come to the end . and , it hard time for me . huhu,~

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