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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

its time to start a new life

assalammualaikum to all .

2 0 1 1 nak abeh da . even today pun da 27 of Dec . memg cepat sgt masa berlalu , esp buat aku yg really enjoy masa form 4 .
klu sapa2 yg kata form 4 x bes memg ada sumtin-wrong-sumwhere uuh . better g cekap cepat2 .

well , hidup dlm taun ni mmg baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak sangat benda yg jadik , but i beat bnda epy laa . taun 'otai' gak la buat budak yg dok hostel nih .

mcm2 bnda yg aku ngn kengkawan aku wat , really hav our big moments together laa . beh gilaaaa ah !

what i did with my dummates , share probs , hav fun , eat in one-single plate [all of us] , kejut bangun pagi , kemaih dorm ,blablablabla.. and so on laa . mw yg duk asrama tu tw la , mw yg x tu xpela . nti aku wat post bwu k?

tapi betul la pe owg cakap , gud things wont last forever , the bad time will come and take over .

memang betul sangat2 .

i'm in the situation .

i need to lost someone that maybe thinks what she had chose will make herself happier .

i hope so , and i think so .

sapa nak pilih jalan yg x wat dy epy kan?

and thanks to Allah because i'm not following her way .

i'm not saying that what she had chose was wrong .

i knew it was the best for one's life .

i knew that bestfriends should be supportive . i am . i will .

but , sumtimes i just can't accept the way u chose .

i cant understand what makes u can change your thinks just in blink ?


wasnt what we had came through together were one of the best part in life ?

if no , i'm sory . but for me its true .

if yes , then why must u chose that?

we will be apart .

u knew that .

there wont have any jokes or tease between us anymore .

i will take myself really far from that .

i know u will try to be with me .

and thanks for that dear .

but im so sorry , because i cant anymore .

i know im being so selfish .

but u chose that , even im not asking u to do that .

we had hate it for years remember ?

well dear . im really sorry if i change in the next meet .
i cant be like before .
i was too hurt with what u had chose .
i felt like been betrayed .
just keep in mind that im always missing u .
always remember our joys and tears .

i wish u be happy with what u chose .

both of us need to start a new life rait ?

and dun worry , i will start t first . now .

gudbye dear . take care :))

deeply from heart ,
ieka .